My priority for the product update

Recently, there are more than 100 users and more than 10 paid users for my Shopify bundle app, BYOB. The progress looks good, given that BYOB has launched for less than 4 months on the Shopify AppStore.

However, many new users just install and uninstall after a short time. My next step is to find out how to reduce the churn rate. I’ve been trying to use various monitoring tools like Sentry or LogRocket. But there are just too many transactions. The free plans are depleted within a few days.

At the same time, I have been thinking of the update priority for my product. There are 8 hours a day but I am getting more and more support requests every day. It’s getting hard to catch up when there are more users. Here is my list:

  1. Existing users is more important than new users.
    The updates should not affect existing users. However, the bugs may cause losses to existing users. If there is a bug affecting a new user, only 1 user is lost. But there are more than 100 existing users going to be affected.
  2. Stability is the most important
    BYOB is a uptime-critical application. If there is a downtime, it causes losses to the Shopify stores. New features can only be added if they doesn’t affect the stability of the system. Downtime should be reduced to the minimal.
  3. Speed matters
    Compared with my other products, speed is usually not a concern. My other products only serve the system users. Now BYOB is serving the customers of the online store owners. If the processing time is slow, the conversion rate will be lowered.
  4. Reported bugs should be fixed immediately
    If the issue is affecting user adoption, it should be fixed immediately. Otherwise, the user is going to uninstall soon. My app is only useful if it can be deployed to the live online stores.

With this priority list, a new feature can only be put to a relatively lower position. What are your thoughts as a product manager / startup founder? How do you define your product roadmap?

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