HackUST 2016

I am very happy to join HackUST as one of the teams this year. My Project is called “IOU One” and I work with another CityU student teammate Alex Ling. Well I didn’t burn midnight oil for a long time since late twenties. I am writing this article at 1am  at this moment. But it’s always funny to learn from a new perspective.

There are more than 300 attendants from different universities. What a crowd! We are sitting all around the academic concourse. After sitting outside LTJ for more than 14 hours, I still can’t figure out what language my opposite team is speaking. Lol

HackUST - sitting at the concourse

The base - UST startup center

hackUST - the team 1

hackUST - the team 2

hackUST - the team 3

* Updated at 11:08pm – 18/4/2016

Finally we got into the Final 3 out of 16 in the FinTech category (unfortunately lost to another team). We won the “Think Out of The Box” Award from Radica and The President’s 1 HKUST Award from HKUST. Booyahhhh!

But I was too tired to work in office today.  Well I have to admit that I’m a bit old for this kind of game.

I would like to thank for my teammate, Alex Ling, met in hackUST. He was a very strong coder in iOS. A bit surprised of the skill level that a student can achieve at this age. Without him we can’t make the miracle happened in 24 hours. Personally I can’t code in Swift. I’m a shit coder.

Think Out of The Box Award from Radica

The President's 1 HKUST Award from HKUST

p.s. Currently my company, SillyCube Technology Ltd., is still hiring web and mobile app developer (web developer in 1st priority). If any of you is interested in working on something exciting, let’s screw it together! The Job Ad is here. Please take a look: http://blog2.sillycube.com/index.php/job-opening-web-developer-mobile-apps-developer-vacancy-2/ 

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