HKUSTAA A1 Social Leaders Program

After more than half year of preparation, our first self-initiated A1 Social Leaders Program has successfully launched on 30/7 fabulous morning. The youth mentorship program has matched more than 40 pairs of mentors and mentee to conduct community services in the coming project period till Jan 2017. Our mentors will be HKUST alumni and the mentees will be F4 – F6 students recruited from 7 local secondary schools.

As the chairperson of the organizing committee, I feel very happy for our desirable results. It is a nice birthday gift to celebrate 25th anniversary of HKUST. I hope our passion can inspire our future alumni as well as the next generation. And our “Alumni Inspire Alumni” spirit can be continued far beyond the next 25 years.

aa_mentoring_program A1_social_leaders1 A1_social_leaders2 A1_social_leaders3 A1_social_leaders4 A1_social_leaders5 A1_social_leaders6 A1_social_leaders7


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