Personal Challenges for 2017

It’s time to give myself a fresh start at the beginning of 2017. Instead of making a big promise, I would like to set up small achievable goals. No AI, No driverless car, No BS!

  1. Learn to play guitar
    I have joined a guitar class at the end of 2016. My target is to play a song of Taiwan singer & songwriter, Cheer Chan. After some practices, I am able to play “Today – by John Denver” at this moment (though not very smooth :-p)。Cheer has been one of my favorite artists since secondary school. Her songs have accompanied me for my ups and downs over the years. Some of her songs always reminded me of the lost & lonely feeling when I was a youngster. Hopefully I can play “A Little Step” Or “Lonely Without You”. One may say 30s is too old to learn musical instrument. “Screw It, Let’s Do It :-)” — that’s my reply.
  2. Achieve “Ramen Profitable” with the new products
    HK$50K / month should be a good target, whether by ad or monthly subscription. In contrast with my previous startup experiences, I don’t want to manage a big team, raise a big round, pitch the media, fly to other regions or develop a proprietary technology for a long period of time. There is only ONE way ahead: solving a valuable problem with a simple solution. Get paid. That’s it. It’s fucking hard indeed. But I believe I will nail it.

2016 is a relatively stable year. There isn’t much change in general. Everything stays still compared with 2015. However it also means that I stay still in the comfort zone created for myself. Actually I just feel quite tired mentally throughout the startup years (7.5 years). What I feel regret for the years was that I didn’t create any single remarkable achievement for the company. I didn’t need shit awards, interviews, or damn press coverage. My mission from the beginning till now is still the same: make something people love. Many users will be very happy to interact with it (make some serious money at the same time, of course :p)

Hopefully the best is yet to come. I have a hunch that 2017 should involve great changes of my life 🙂

A song for all startup founders after the rough years:

lyrics: Click here to check translated Chinese lyrics

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