I can’t write and speak native English.

As an Asian,

I can’t speak and write English very well.

I can’t listen to the US and Australian accent very well.

I can’t speak English confidently in front of a camera

I can’t make a tutorial video with my English voice-over.


I can write an article with 1,500 – 3,000 words, getting 1 subscriber every day (on average)

I can still get my western users to pay me and use my Shopify App (SPO).

I can launch my web app, socialport.io, on Product Hunt. Stay on the home page for almost 1 day.

I can host the first Indie Hackers meetup in Hong Kong.

I can still operate my little agency, SillyCube Technology Ltd after 9 years (though not active in taking new projects).

So far, I feel proud of my achievement. The coming target will be making my living sustainable with my little products. Hopefully, I will turn myself into a nomad. Working anywhere I want. Visiting anywhere without bothering with office hour. No fucking long meetings. No long reports.

Stay Free.

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