Introspect after reading Baremetrics story

I am trying to find out my personal weakness by imagining myself being detached. I am watching myself working on top. There will be 2 Bennys. One is working in the office as normal. Another is observing silently.


  1. Keep working on not important problems. Just waste time
    1. Problems are not worth to solve
  2. Making up of problems instead of scratching my own itch.
  3. Thinking too small
  4. Not enough understanding of customer pain points
  5. Busy working but with a low output
  6. Too focused on hard skills but not the ultimate goal
  7. The value judgment is not good enough

How should I improve?

  1. Focus on scratching my own itch
  2. Focus on problems which I feel eager to solve
  3. Find another co-founder working together
  4. Find an advisor to give suggestions from outsider’s perspective

Baremetrics interview:

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