How to make website creation simpler?

Today, there are more than 1M cases for coronavirus (covid-19) all over the world. Since everyone cannot go out due to lockdown and the jobless rate is surging crazily, I believe that the digital economy is going to take a major role. If we can enable more people in digital creation, it can definitely help us from recession or even depression. The last great depression is in 1929. It is definitely the once-in-a-lifetime crisis for all of us.

With the first principle suggested Elon Musk, I am trying to brainstorm a way to create websites more easily than the best possible methodology now.

Current assumptions?

  • The simplest way to make a nice website: Even with a CMS, need to deal with a template, branding, design, logo, photos, page contents

Fundamental truth?

  1. A website consists of text, multimedia & interactive content
  2. learning to code is time-consuming
  3. Nice website: a comfortable layout & style


  1. Define specific types of websites
    1. for each type of website, set a template. Fill in text & photo content
  2. Only provide basic text input
    1. create with html / markdown
      1. need to learn code
  3. Fill in a form, generate a website
    1. return to 1, separate user selections
  4. Create a programming language simple as English

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