2nd launch in 2020: 3sName – Generate a SaaS Product Name in 3s

After AffTable, I’ve been thinking what the next step is. Here is my plan:

  1. Continue maintaining my small Shopify App – SEO Product Optimizer
  2. Update the database of AffTable regularly per month.
  3. Continue testing more project ideas but the testing time for each idea will be kept short. Develop -> Launch -> Monitor -> Iterate

One of the advantages I have is an existing Shopify app user base. There are around 1,000 users. To be honest, not a big user base but good enough to kick start another Shopify app.

Looking for a good name

So I’m trying to come up with some Shopify app ideas. While I was trying to come up with new names, I found the process tedious. I had to brainstorm the name and checked domain availability one by one.

Since 1990, domain investors have been buying most brand-able names. Nowadays, it’s so hard to get a good .com domain which is available and cheap. I can always settle with .io or .co domain for sure, but .com is the still convention for most websites.

As an indie developer, I want a trendy name that can be easily remembered and cheap. I definitely have no budget to buy a short domain like “hey.com”

Inspired by Baremetrics

In the meantime, Baremetrics shared a tweetstorm which went wild among the startup communities.


Baremetrics tried to generalize the naming convention into several rules. Many startup founders save the tweetstorm into the bookmark.

What about turning it into a website?

The idea immediately came to my mind. Within a couple of days, I’ve created a simple prototype with Vue.js. Using NameCheap API, I can get domain availability and prices.

Basically, 3sName is a static site hosted on Vercel.

So my SaaS Name Generator 3sName.com is now alive!

3sName helps you to get the perfect SaaS Product Name within 3s!

How it works?

Very simple! Just input a word related to your product. Hit “Enter”. That’s it!

How do I make money?

You can use 3sName.com for free. Rest assured that I am not making money with domain squatting or flipping.

The website will be sustained by NameCheap affiliate program. When you find a suitable name, click on a link and you will be taken to NameCheap website. If you purchase a domain, I will get a small commission from your order.

What’s Next?

I will launch the website on Indiehackers, ProductHunt, and Hacker News. After that, I will iterate with the feedback gathered from the users. Feel free to give me feedback if you find any issue.

If you want to follow my journey to bootstrap a profitable business, Please follow my Twitter @bennyyChan

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